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BREW Coffee Bar

Take Out

Take Out Available

Two-for-one Combo Deals

Empanada Trio by Latin Cravings Factory $6.99
A set of three mini empanadas of your choice, with or without home-made garlic sauce and paired with a mug of Zingerman’s coffee or tea by Rishi! Baked empanadas are made of wheat-flour dough and are a popular type of pastry in Latin America. They come stuffed with many sweet or savory options, including shredded chicken, ground beef, sautéed vegetables, red berry, apple/cinnamon and more. Vegan options are also available.

Cake Jars by 7 Little Cupcakes $5.99
7 Little Cupcakes’ world-famous cupcakes but in jar form, making them easier to eat and/or save for later. Each jar contains the equivalent of almost two cupcakes, enough to share or keep for yourself! Choose from strawberries and cream or peanut butter brownie. Both include a mug of Zingerman’s coffee or tea by Rishi!

The Beverage Lineup

The BREWed Sunshine $4.30/5.70
12/20 oz. Cold-pressed OJ with a double shot of espresso over ice!

The Brown Sugar Latte Quad $6.50
Our house-made brown sugar syrup blended with oat milk (other milk options available) and poured with four shots of Zingerman’s Espresso Blend #1. Just the right amount of sweet and punch to make any day a little better. Enjoy it hot or iced!

RWT Dollar Deal

Americanos (hot or iced, short) $1
Limit one per customer per day.

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